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Sterling banknotes shall be in circulation in the UK and its related territories as sterling pounds symbol:; £GBP ISO 417 monetary code (Great Britain Pound). Sterling banknotes shall also be in circulation. The sterling banknotes in St. Helena and Tristan da Cunha are official currency in the United Kingdom of Southern Sandwich, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, the Antarctic Territory of Britain, South Georgia. One pound is 100 pence equal. There is a pound comparable currency in three British Overseas Territories. Three of these are pounds.




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The British Pound Sterling is the United Kingdom official currency and many other regions. The British fund is one of the world’s oldest surviving currencies. The British Pound consists of the £symbol and the GBP ISO code. One pound is divided into one hundred pence. The Bank of England issued the Sterling Pound banknotes and coins. The issued banknotes range between £ 1 and £50 and the issued coins between EUR 1 and 50 and EUR 1 and £5. Perhaps one of the most traded international currencies in the world is identical to USD, the UK Pounds. Because the sterling pound is the official currency, the currency is of global importance in a range of regions and countries other than Britain.


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